Welcome to the world of Terminus

You live in a time of turmoil, the Thousand Year Empire wars on all side with those that once called it friend. The Dwarves of the Northern Plateaus have been subjugated by Imperial Edict and Legions are sent to the far corners of the Empire’s reach on ill explained expeditions. The Border of Night stretches further South with each passing day, swallowing settlements whole into the Nightlands and the Elves of Valen’tar to the East rally against the “progress” of the Empire.

You are the remains of one such Legion, dispatched far to the South and West of the Midland Plains and the Bay of Tranquility where the Seat of Power lies. Into the City of Demos, and from there deep into the desert, was the Legion to venture. However darkest history lied buried beneath the sands, and one could not account for the machinations of a will as old as the Empire itself.

You have foiled the plans of the Kings of Mechanus, the Battle of Ahn Oathan breaking their forces in the region and leaving you with the knowledge that you have what they need; The Shard. However Manuel still roams and the Coven of Darkness dwindles under the Kings’ continued assault. And while you may have a means of protecting the Tower of Artreus, the others remain active. You have a goal though, The Sea of Stars, deep within the Nightlands, where lies the Tower of Cynthia, named for that which was lost.

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Empire's Embers

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