Empire's Embers

The Opening Act
as least what I remember.

The party began their journey in the city of Demos at the edge of the desert Ar-tre-us (not the final spelling). They were members of the five Legions dispatched. The party started out as four soldiers exploring the town before the Legions briefing. Angor Kayrot, a wall of a man who swung his greatsword as a teacher might a switch. Kael, a Dwarf of the Northern Plateaus, filled with rage and the spark of arcane fire. Mead, a halfling thief with hands as sticky as a mimic’s ooze. And Nanri, the young Gnomish cleric of Garl Glittergold.

As they went about their business a terrible catastrophe occurred. A loud crack rang through the sky, and fire began to fall from the black clouds that had formed above. The group ran to cover and waited out the worst of it. Once it had subsided they ventured forth to find that all who had been struck down by the flames had risen undead and now shambled through the street. From the Palace to the north a beam of blue light shot into the sky and the party prepared to move forth.

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