Albert 'The Viper' Alsworth

A polite, genial man with a large, wicked looking bow. Something is not quite right about this fellow...


AC 19 Fort: 7 Ref: 13 Will: 5

HP: 63

Spot: 16 Listen 16 (Awareness, Trapfinding, Trap Sense+1)

Bow Attack: +15/+10 (Base+Weapon+Dex)


Few human beings are as methodical as Albert Alsworth. Generally they simply don’t have the patience. Humans, as a general rule, get emotional. They get frustrated, or angry, or righteous, and they are moved to rash action. Albert does not.

This trait serves him infinitely well in his work as a bounty hunter. He spends days or weeks collecting intel on his targets, greasing palms, asking innocuous questions politely and calmly. He methodically records even the slightest details or impressions. He will scout out an area around a desert hide out for miles, investigating every tiny nook and cranny of the sands, every possible route of attack or escape. Recording the comings and the goings of the camp, he begins to fill out every piece of the intricate puzzle of daily life. Patrols, supply runs, the names of their lackeys, their secretaries, their wives. Their children.

Then he will bait a trap. Everyone has something they feel is important, something that when threatened will make them act rashly, and foolishly. This is leverage. These are the strings that The Viper pulls, to make his mark dance blindly into that trap.

And then he strikes.

Albert 'The Viper' Alsworth

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