Great tragedy had bred a hero, but the same pain has bred something else entirely within him




As a child he was happy, normal, and at peace. His village was that of the peacefull farmers, that is until the goblins attacked. With no true heros to aid them the small village of Trimal was quickly overrun and burnt to the ground. All parished; that is execpt for one. The young boy, stricken with terror, vowed to no longer be a victim and to protect those that were.

After joining the ”” at a young age he trained hard and long to become someone that could excape a battle, or even avoid it all together, but slowly an anger was building.

On a mission to a far city, everything changed.

Shortly after his band entered the city, the sky was turned to ash, the buildings to flames, and the inhabitants, into undead. The horrifying sight set off a spark inside of him and magic began to flow through him. He took to his new abilities using them to increase his effectiveness during combat and further his abilities. Through trials of wit, of loss, and of endurance, he lasted as his band quested to end the scurge that had befallen the land, that is until the seed of anger inside him finaly opened up and grew into something truely dark.

A lost soul to his former comrades, he is now on his own path, one that not even he is sure where it will take him; but what can be for sure is that the little boy that was once inside of him is no more and in his place is only insanity.


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