Shadow "the Bright"

If you see him it is only because he has allowed it.


STR 10 +0 HP: 53 DEX 18 +4 AC: 18 CON 14 +2 Touch AC: 15 Flat-Footed: 18 INT 18 +4 Fortitude: +5 WIS 11 +0 Reflex: +13 CHA 15 +2 Will: +3 Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1 Initiative: +4 Grapple: +2 Skills Appraise +4 Balance +6 Bluff +14 Climb +2 Concentration +2 Craft skills…+4 Diplomacy +4 Disguise +2 Escape Artist +4 Forgery +4 Gather Information +14 Hide +20 Intimidate +4 Jump -2 Knowledge (local)+14 Listen +14 Move Silently +18 Perform skills … +2 Ride +4 Search +19 Sense Motive +0 Slight of Hand +18 Spot +10 Swim +0 Tumble +11 Use Rope +4 Weapon Total Attack Bonus Damage Critical Sword of Subtlety [+1] +8/+3 1d4+1 (Sneak Attack +12/+7 1d4+5) 19-20/x2 Darts +12/+7 1d3 20/x2 Feats Description Combat Reflexes Additional attacks of opportunity Dodge +1 dodge bonus to AC against selected target Mobility +4 dodge bonus to AC against some attacks of opportunity Spring Attack Move before and after melee attack


The Keepers of Night.

They are terrifying, they are the unseen, they are the keepers of order and tradition, but beyond all that, they are a myth; or at least you thought so. They are the people in the shadows, the people who came to save your village when it was under attack, they are the people you never knew really existed, and thats what they want. They believe that the world is an inherently good place, and by helping to prevent tyrants from ruling, or demons from ravashing, they plan to keep the world good. With more composure than strictist paladin, and more discresion than a well trained assassin, the shadow dancers of the Keepers of the Night are an elite force sent only to the most stricken places. All members of the clan stive for the title of shadow.

A shadow is someone who has proven that he can hold back when he wants to strike. A shadow is someone who has learned to meld his body almost supernaturally with the darkness. A shadow is someone who will save your life. Once you become a shadow, it is all of what you are, you forsake your old name for the new one given to you(All shadows are named Shadow the ”...”).

Shadow “the Bright” is one of these such shadows, excelling in his crafts at an early age, in his brotherhood he is known as an extremely talented individual. Even to some shadows of higher classes he is complimented as a true embodiment of what a shadow is.

Shadow the Bright thinks of himself as no more than another person for the most part. Taking no stock in comliment or insult. He strives to accomplish the goal and sometimes, if need be, he has even been known to act himself out of a fight; but as soon as battle is iminent his nerves become unwavering. Shadow the Bright was once asked what his motivation was that drove him to become a shadow at such an early age; he simply replied, “Because I can”.

Little known to even many members of the Keepers of the Night; Shadow the Bright’s father was one of the former leaders of the brother hood, as was his father before him, and his father before him. With this passing down of leaders has also coincided with the passing down of the “sword of subtlety”. Shadow the Bright knows that he must continue the line of excellence and one day lead the Keepers of the Night, but for now, he must save an empire.

Shadow "the Bright"

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