Empire of Tears

Elves at the height of their corruption.

The first true Elven empire, they were the original Elves. Born as emissaries of Fey will in the Material plane, their Gods were banished within a generation of their birth by The Vashal reducing their once prodigious life spans to a mere 150 years at most, and denying them their protection.

They raged at this injustice, and turned to more nefarious means of gaining power, united in their hatred of The Vashal. They bound themselves to fiends, dark rituals carried out in secret by the ruling families led to powerful Half-Devil Elves leading the now dark Empire. They grew like a blackness across the land, the infernal magics granted to them leading to the construction of great artifacts. Awesome Towers that channeled the life force of thousands into a single avatar and vast citadels of jade and amber that stretched miles.

It is believed that 4 of the Empire’s Towers remain, 1 in the center of the Imperial City of man, one in the deserts of the far South, and another far to the north in The Sea of Stars. Only hints to the location of the forth have been found, rumored suspended on a vast disk, hanging between mountains.

Recently a shard, thought to be from the the top of those dark towers was found, and a dash across the desert has begun, one group looking to claim the tower’s power, one looking to break it.

Empire of Tears

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